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Jul 20, 2020
Hi everyone,
About a year ago I pulled my charger out of my laptop sideways & broke the charging port. It still charges, but only if it is closed. When i called HP they said it would be more than$300 to replace it because they would replace the motherboard & all other parts. Can I do it cheaper by doing it myself? If I find a replacement shell am I wasting my money & will it still not work? Do I just need to send it in? I don't know if I need all these replacement parts is the question. tia!!


Nov 1, 2016
Hi Leannedozier,
If you have all of those broken pieces of the port, you can join them properly in the correct design with the help of any available INSTANT ADHESIVE like Feviquick or ResiQuick used in India. Be careful in handling such adhesives. Read the instructions before using them. Alternatively, you can find the same port with the laptop repairers in their junk box.
I inherited a computer from a family member a few years ago with a similar problem (in my case the male pin in the power connector was broken off). I'm an engineer with a lot of lab experience, but actually repairing this was pretty daunting. Not a simple repair on that machine. I considered just hardwiring a replacement connector that would hang out the side, but decided it wasn't a very good solution and abandoned the project. As I recall, the power connector also was soldered to the ground plane in the MB and my home soldering equipment could not get it desoldered. Good luck with the repair.