News Here’s the one reason to buy OnePlus phones instead of Samsung

James LaBarre

Apr 5, 2013
So download speed is the only thing you can offer to promote the OnePlus over any other phone? Seeing as I don't even use mobile data, that's of absolutely NO significance to me.

Things like does it have a MicroSD slot, does it have a headphone jack, does it have decent battery life, etc. Can I configure it to my own preferences? Can I disable all the cruft and useless apps it's likely bundled with? Once I've disabled all the worthless apps I don't want (because you KNOW they won't let you uninstall them) will it still have enough storage to load apps I DO want?

My Linux computers can be configured to as little or as much as I want. Such a shame that Android, being based on Linux, doesn't give you the same level of respect.