Hey everyone, I need help with a charging problem with a mac.


Feb 21, 2015
Hey everyone, first of all, i'd like to say that I've never owned a mac (mostly because they were too expensive for me) ,so I'm not very experienced in mac os x. So I recently received a 2009 model A1278 macbook pro from a friend of mine. But after years of use, the mac won't charge. When I plug the charger in, the green light comes on after about a second and at the front-right side of the mac, a white light flashes rapidly. I'm planning to sell the mac regardless of if I fix the charging problem or not, but the mac will be of more value if I do. So what's the problem? Also is $150 good price for a macbook pro with a cracked screen,(only the glass part of the screen is cracked not the LCD, so repairing the screen will probably cost less than $30 and the crack doesn't block much of the screen) that doesn't charge, but boots up and runs perfectly (also hard drive, operating system, and charger included)? Should it be more or less? And what should the price be if I do fix the charging problem?

Thanks in advance :)


Jul 31, 2011
Hello... Just like a battery in anything else... There is a limit to Life of it, and re-charge cycles... All you can do is verify the Output of the charging unit and Clean your Electrical connections or buy a New battery.
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