Hey guys, I have 8 zones that i need to install for a client of mine and need your help.


Oct 29, 2017
3 of the zones: Master bedroom, living area & theater room need to have full surround sound.

5 zones: 4 of therm will be like bathroom , kitchen , dinning, kids room - just speakers
patio - I have a mix of rock speakers and ceiling mount speakers that the client want to use as just sound on one hand OR when he turns his TV in the patio it should work with the patio speakers

then another question is all should work on an app, and be able to group the zones and use different sources to different rooms (play bob marley on one room while listening to madona in the patio) - like sonos.

please help me to find a proper solution.



"Like Sonos" get a Sonos. Not sure what the issue is there.

There is no generic app you can use to control audio output out of a multi-zone amp. Especially if you are using something that needs 5.1 sound, it's easier with stereo since you just need a single amp. This is pretty complex you need someone that does setups like this for a living, check with some places that work on business conference room setups. They do a lot of input/output switching.
You can use three Denon or Marantz AV receivers that have HEOS built in for the surround sound zones.
For the stereo zones you could use Denon HeosAmps for zones that will work with about 60 watts per channel. For zones that would need more power a Heos Link with any separate amp that has sufficient power would work better.
Each zone has multiple inputs so you can send the TV audio into the outdoor zone. Not complicated to set up and all controlled with their free app. I think it will satisfy your clients requirements and make you some money too.
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