hi for u techs out l have new toshiba satellite modle

paul 1966

Jan 23, 2015
Modele pskrgc-002001 skullycandy my problem is when trun off the comupter & try to turn back on only sometimes does not turn on screen battery on this unit not accessable from out side case anyone with tech was bought new last nov.& been that way since then it also had the hard drive change back when it was new by bestbuy but were am now no best here thxs


Toshiba, skullcandy, battery, case, hard drive? What is going on? (sorry if i sounded rude). Can you please re-write your post in a understandable way and look over it before you post to see if you can understand it yourself. If English is not your first language - sorry about that ,(no offense if English is your first language).