Hi need help on 5.1 surround sound through an laptop?

Fredrik Beckman

Jul 22, 2015
Hi i am planning on selling my PS4 and my gaming computer because of lost interest in game and need of money for my driving license. I am planning on buying a laptop 13 or 15 inch i have not decided on what yet. But the problem is that when i am watching movies from my desktop i use an optical cable to my receiver for sound and a hdmi cable to the tv for the picture. The problem is that my receiver was hit by a lightning strike a few years ago. So the hdmi outports doesnt work. And the only other way to get 5.1 audio from it was to use it the way i use it. Now the question is Can i get 5.1 surround sound from my laptop? Can i buy an external sound card for it? if so can you link a good one? Thanks
Tips for a 13 or 15 inch laptop for school and video/music entertainment is also appreciated. Budget is about 800$.
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