Hi,what is the difference connecting an optical cable to my samsung 55"U8000, rather than connecting it to my sky+hd


Apr 16, 2015
Hi,I have just purchased an new optical cable has the one running from my samsung 3D surround system to my sky+HD box is giving intermittent sound s during the broadcast.If i connected the cable straight to my TV what is the difference will it make to the sound?.Thankyou.
If the intermittent audio is caused by the skybox and it affects both the HDMI and optical audio output then connecting to the TV will make no difference. If the audio on the TV speakers cuts on and off then the skybox is the problem. Sometimes rebooting the box will help.
If the skybox HDMI is OK then connecting to the TV may solve the problem. Very unlikely to be the cable as it is just a plastic tube that light flows through. No connections to break.
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