higher end graphic giving lower perfoemance

Manish dha

Oct 31, 2014
my laptop has hd7670m (ddr3 2gb) whicle my pc has hd5570 (1gb)
yet my pc can gimme me fps of 80 at high settings in LOL And my laptop can even give a steady 60 at low settings..wtf..
everything updated..idk wht to do..
may be the benchmarks are wrong..

bpth my pc and laptop has i7 with 4gb ram..
its just the core speed of my pc is faster but tht is the case for every pc..
wht else could hv been preventing my laptop from performing to its best?
thx :))

Goran Petric

Jul 27, 2014
When you se M you can count its 2x slower than the same card without ''M''.
But still.... you might wanna check your power settings, make sure its on high performance, no power saving. Also play with amd cataylist control center settings (right click on desktop).
My friend bought amd A10 laptop and wondered why video playback lagged (it was set on power saving)