Question Hisense not connecting to sony soundbar

Dec 4, 2020
We got an brand new Hisense 55” Roku 4K UHD HDR Smart TV (R6090G) along with a Sony 2.1 Soundbar and subwoofer (HTS350). First time we plugged in, no issues! Used the HDMI Arc on tv and Soundbar and the sound was brilliant. Was able to sync to turn the Soundbar on when we turned the tv on. About a week in, no more sound. Soundbar connects to Bluetooth fine and sounds great. But there is no sound whatsoever coming from the tv. We reset the FB to factory settings, did nothing. Used a new hdmi cord, nothing. Finally plugged in the optical cable and the sound works, but just puzzled as to why the arc just stopped working. Did we get a dud TV or Soundbar??
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