Hit me with your best TV options of 50" or bigger under $900 and rid me of my Dynex


Dec 9, 2014
So I've had a 32" Dynex since my freshman year of college in 2009. Its got scratches, the size to disappoint any woman, and the quality of a potato. Needless to say, I'm looking for an upgrade. My typical viewing distance is around 14ft away and I've been observing the market and reviews for awhile now and really dont see myself having a preference between 4k and HDTVs. I do PC game with a GTX 980 but havent explored the quality and options of connecting my PC with a TV thoroughly. So what I'm asking you fine ladies and gentlemen is what would you do if I handed you $900 and asked you to buy a TV larger than 50" but you had to buy it within the month (wait on a deal or buy it today) what would you choose.
I doubt this is one your radar but at that distance you could do a projector and 92' screen in your budget.
Once you get used to a really big screen you can't go back. You do need some light control but you don't need a really dark room with modern projectors. Movies look like movies and games are incredible.