Holy cow! Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is $400 off right now at Best Buy

Sep 1, 2023
I'll say!

I got a Fold 5 512GB but did not trade in my Note20U. I am impressed with the 50MP camera, given its specs, and if I didn't watch videos on how Samsung runs durability tests on this new foldable generation, I would not have gotten one at all. [JerryRigEverything's](https://youtu.be/5y7a1Eb6QR4) latest Fold5 durability test also cemented my decision. It's much tougher than the Fold 4.

The chipset's battery efficiency is what attracted me hard-core though. Side-by-side with the Note20U, and while using the fold's big inner screen most of the time, the Fold gets 3 more hours of SOT easily. The Fold's standby drain is like 3% over 8 hours on wifi, vs the Note's 10% over the same period.

I missed being able to use my Razor Kishi v1 (will definitely not fit anywhere on the Fold), but have since replaced with a Google Stadia controller for playing games via GeForce NOW... and there's no input lag due to the new Bluetooth version 5.3 updates.

I don't miss the SD card since UFS 4.0 is ridiculously fast. But I definitely miss MST for Samsung Pay. Not as much of a problem, though, as NFC adoption has increased since 2020.

I got the thin S-pen case. No bluetooth or cover screen functionality, but I never used the BT on my old Note20U's S-pen due to Camera app's voice function being used to capture shots far from the handset.

The speaker setup is easily twice as loud as maximum Note20Ultra output. I have to literally turn down my notifications to the lowest volume level in order to not be scared when it goes off.

The new Carrier Aggregation features of the Snapdragon Gen 2 processor is pretty darn fun, being connected to four 5G tower bands helps with connectivity like no other. Major game-changer for speeds in the same area vs my Note20U. But yes, you could literally still watch the battery drain happen while using it. I expect to get better service on the Fold in a lot more rural areas.

All-in-all. I am impressed with the Fold5 but would still might sell it if the Honor Magic V2 foldable went global.