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Jan 23, 2015
Greetings fellow tech enthousiasts.

I'm planning on buying a new TV and would like to connect it to my stereo-tower. This way I can buy some new speakers, perhaps a soundbar, for my TV, CD player, pick-up and radio. All of them, apart from my TV, have already been connected to the receiver.
The big problem is that the TV and the receiver (with all the other crap) will have a few metres inbetween them and it's not an option to connect them with a wire. This is because there is a big ass window inbetween, so a random cable would be hiddeous.

How can I connect all of my stuff to the same set of speakers, and what speakers do you recommend? The budget is not set and thus depends on the best solution.

Receiver I own: Yamaha natural sound stereo amplifier ax-380
TV I'm planning on buying: Samsung UE50JU6870U

Thanks in advance!


Apr 20, 2004
The is just a stereo amp. It does not do Video. So to get the DVD player, Media player, cable receiver to your TV will require an HDMI cable of some sort. Those boxes can hook directly to the Yamaha for audio. I don't see how you would need to run TV audio to the amp unless you have cable or antennae plugged directly to the TV. We need more info on your video setup.

For speakers since it's a stereo amp I'd recommend a good pair of 3 way tower speakers. The sky is the limit. You can go $100 as high as $3000 and up to $20,000 if you want and anything in between. There is no need for a soundbar. That amp is only 55watts at 8ohms so an 8ohm set of speakers for sure. And only 55watts limits you. Maybe a nice set of bookshelf speakers.

Polk Audio were always a great deal on speakers. They have an Ebay factory direct store where they sell factory seconds, like stuff with a minor scratch underneath where you don't even notice. Most products arrive in mint condition. Their Rti series bookshelfs are very nice and a great deal often under $300 for the pair. Their Monitor series are like $120/pair and very nice as well. Newegg often sells their monitor series for a good price. That would be a good match at 55w.

You could also get a subwoofer and integrate that as well.

Another solution would be to get a desktop DAC such as the following https://emotiva.com/products/dacs/electronics/dacs/stealth-dc-1

Plug all your audio into the DAC, and run a pair of powered monitors for audio also from Emotiva. That would sound amazing (studio quality) but is more pricey and would bypass the Yamaha all together. You can also get a SPDIF Optical switcher. Plug all the opticals to the switcher, then that into a DAC to some powered monitors.



Apr 20, 2004
You could get some wiremould to cover the cables from the TV down. Go sideways to pass the windows, then down the side and over to the stereo. This is the easy way without passing the cables in the wall.
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