Home Theater Setup


Jan 1, 2014
I currently have a sony dav dz500f but because it is very outdated it dosent have an optical and therefore i cannot play dts tracks off my ps3, i thought about connecting them to my Yamaha DSP 630 amp but it has a rated impendance of 2.7 and the minimum is 6 ohms on the amp so i have heard it is unsafe connect it, seeing as my current setup is virtually use less i have two B&W DM 302 speakers that i am going to use as my front two speakers i am looking for two rears, centre and a sub not too expensive but good enough to deliver a decent amount of bass and give a good cinema experiance.. any suggestions would be great.. Thanks

If you mean that the front speakers from the Sony are 2.7 ohms then you are right about the Yamaha not working with them but you could wire a 4-6 ohm non inductive resistor with 20- 30 watt power rating in series with your Sony fronts and use them as rears (you could also hook all four speakers in series and use all four as rears/sides). Best match on the center is to get the one B&W for the DM302. A new B&W center may not match. I would try to find one with a soft dome tweeter that will match the ones in the B&W. How much you have to spend will determine the sub and center.