Question Home Theater speaker wiring

Nov 13, 2021
I just bought a used CD player/Audio surround receiver/6-speaker home theater speaker setup. The connection from the CD player to the receiver is red/white RCA, and the main powered speaker has four jacks for input: [3] stereo 3.5mm jacks, and [1] 9-pin mini DIN, and [5] RCA jacks for output that center, front left, front right, rear left, and rear right mono speakers all plug into. It came with a 2-cable RCA to 3-cable 3.5mm assembly that plugs into the orange, black, and green jacks on the speaker side. I'm needing to know where to plug in the 2 RCA plugs on the receiver, and also whether I need a cable for the 9-pin mini DIN in the back of the speaker. When I plug the aux to RCA cable in with RCA plugged into L/R outputs I get VERY quiet audio through the small mono speakers. Will the 9-pin mini DIN input give me the signal the powered speaker needs to amplify the sound and make this work properly?pictures
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