Feb 12, 2016
So this is the deal,

I have Samsung HT-TQ25 Home theater system. It's quite old and it only has SCART and RCA Inputs so that's the only way to connect it to TV and my tv has only Optical cable input. The system has USB Host but it only supports few types of movies so i have no solution to watch movies with 5.1 surround, it supports DVD's but nobody watches from DVD's anymore so...

Then i connected the speakers to a SONY receiver which has optical cable input and everything works fine expect the system has a passive subwoofer which works only on the Samsung HT-TQ25 receiver, because it has amplifier inside i suppose. I can't connect the subwoofer to my SONY receiver without amplifier. So there's actually no way i can watch movies on my TV.
I primarily want to watch movies on my TV via my HDD that i connected on TV's USB input.

So my question is is there any way that i can connect the Samsung Home Theater into the SONY receiver so i use Samsung HT as a amp for the subwoofer, but i suppose that it won't work since the SONY receiver wont recognize just the subwoofer but i only ask

The other options are to buy amplifier for the passive subwoofer or to buy an active subwoofer, so what do you think it's the best?

Also i thought about buying Digital to Analog Converter to hook up the Samsung HT into the TV but i presume that i won't get 5.1 surround sound because it would be connected through RCA Cables.

Using the Sony receiver and getting an active subwoofer is the best option for sound quality and future upgrades.
Second best would be using the Sony and adding an amp to your existing subwoofer.
Third would be to use a DAC to convert the optical out of your TV into stereo analog out for the old HTS.
Using the Sony with the HTS would only work if the receiver has a tape record out that works with digital inputs. Won't sound any better than using the HTS alone but would not require the use of a DAC.


Simplicity should be considered.

Do not know your "budget" per se but you do mention various possible purchases.

Your last sentence mentions "to hook up the Samsung HT into the TV" and a wish/need for 5.1 surround sound.

May be time to retire the Samsung HT and get a home theater system that matches what you would really like to have.....

It is good to be able to reuse and re-purpose older equipment. However there is a point of dimishing returns and over the longer term it all may just end up costing more and taking more time to tweak and manage it all to stay operational.

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