Home theatre speaker help

Nov 6, 2020
I use a Yamaha RX V-467 ADR as my control center for all inputs. I use ROKU through an HDMI input port and then the ARC HDMI output to the Samsung TV. I have 5 speakers plus a woofer for my surround sound plugged into the outputs on the ADR and everything works fine with the TV and VCR which is also using an HDMI connection. But I also have two outdoor speakers and two speakers in a bedroom but no sound comes through for the TV or VCR? Oddly, I have satellite radio and iPhone connected through an AV input and it plays through all speakers inside and out. The additional remote speakers all have wall volume controls and prewired wired using a On-Q Legrand home music package. My question is why can't I get the TV sound through the bedroom and outside speakers when the inputs to the AV inputs seem to work fine though these speakers. Seems it must have something to do with the HDMI inputs yet the 5 speakers for the surround sound work fine.
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