Question Hometheatre Setup Scenario...

Oct 21, 2019
Ok Guys I am new to community and need help. I have Panasonic SCH-X105 hometheatre basic system. It has HDMI (ARC) and generic RCA input (Red and White). No optical input. My LED Tv has 2 HDMI ports. One is labelled DVI and other is blank. It has 1 optical Audio output.

How can I connect laptop to LED and audio output from TV to hometheatre to enjoy 5.1 sound. Its the limitation as its a DVD hometheatre and literally DVDs are dead. Most of the content is on streaming or saved to my laptop having 5.1 audio... Please help

If I take optical out from tv and connect to converter having RCA out. Would it loose 5.1 ? Is there any other way ?
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