hooking up 2.1 speakers to new tv

new kid in town

Jan 8, 2015
I have klipsch 2.1 multimedia speakers. Hoping not to buy another set of speakers, I bought a highly rated optical out adapter on amazon and am trying to hook it up to a new tv with no audio out capacity. It works. I plug the speaker 3.5 jack in the adapter. (no rca cable).
The problem is that the sound keeps playing even when I turn the speaker volume all the way down and the tv volume all the way down. I messed with all the tv settings with no luck. Any input is appreciated.


Optical output is usually not changed by the volume control on the TV. If the speakers can't be turned down enough, then you may need a different method for converting from digital (optical) to analog 3.5mm jack. You may have to find something with a volume control that can completely mute.