Solved! Hooking up a Vizio Sound Bar to Hisense tv

Jan 25, 2019
We are experiencing issues with hooking up a 2015 VIZIO 38” 2.1 Sound Bar System to a Hisense 55R6E tv. When we try to watch a tv show or a recording on the cable box DVR, the sound is snowy or static sounding. We can still hear the voices though. When Bluetooth is used to play Sirius radio, it sounds great. The soundbar also worked on the tv we moved it from too. Any idea what could be wrong? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
Which output of the TV are you using?
If you are using the TV headphone jack you might be overloading the soundbar input. Turn the TV volume down and turn the soundbar volume up to achieve the same volume without the distortion.
If you are using the TV optical audio output then try changing the audio output type in the TV menu.
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