How can I connect analog Inspire T7700 speakers to my tv optical output?

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Dec 2, 2015
I have a creative inspire T7700 7+1 speaker system. It is connected to my PC for gaming purposes. I want to use it for my TV as well but the TV has only an optical audio output and speakers don't have a input for it. How can i connect it to my TV as well as my PC if I can ever ?



what you're looking for is either a device like this or to use a device like this with converter cables added

basically a device capable of decoding a 5.1 optical signal and exporting analog surround out. i am not sure about getting full 7.1 (you can look, but i did not see any in my quick search) but you can get at least 5.1.

how to connect your speakers to the devices? if only one device (tv or pc) is going to be ever used at one time, you could simply put a splitter before the speakers going to both sources (pc and conversion box). if both devices will be used at once then either you will want to just hook one up at a time or make a switch to swap between the two. is an example, not sure if there are any retail models out there.


Dec 2, 2015
Thank you ssddx. Yea those are what i was looking for. Gonna search for 7.1 but those would suffice too I guess. TV and PC will be used one at a time so gonna use splitter as you said. Thank you for the links.
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