How can I free up memory ? (i already deleted cache & apps, and I moved apps to SD)


Oct 10, 2016
It seems that my Samsung J2 (android 5.1.1) phone just gobbles up memory (even when I dont do so much).

I have 8GB internal memory.
* Half is used by the system.
* Almost half is used by me; even though I dont have that many 'apps' installed.
* 450mb used up on miscellaneous files. (but when I click it, there is only 15mb of files there! I've no idea where or what the
other 435mb are)

I constantly delete cache with "Smart Manager"
I have moved ALL apps (where possible) to SD Card.
I have deleted all the apps that I don't use.
I have deleted old conversations from my chatting apps.

I am running out of ideas !

Even that it says I have 500mb of available space, I can't update any app.
(eg: What'sApp needs 14mb to update, but it says its out of space (despite 500mb available space)

It's asking me to delete about 120mb of apps in order to update WhatsApp 14mb !!!
(i assume something wrong with the way that my phone or Android is calculating the sizes and space of everything).

I have had the phone for 3 years.
When I bought my phone (3 years ago) I could easily get 40+ apps on the phone without any issue (and loads of space remaining).

I cant delete my basic 15 apps. (I use them often).
- So what else can I delete ??
- With just 15 apps installed (cache deleted and many apps moved to SD card), why would I have all these issues ?

google play takes up 460mb !!! which is sooo frustrating.
uber even takes up 200mb (god knows why).
all the other apps are reasonable sizes (5mb to 70mb)

Any ideas what I could do ?

Thank you
A lot of those files you are seeing taking up space but not seeing are actually used by apps on the device. Texts, messenger, facebook, browser, etc., all leave data on the phone. Taking up more and more space.

You can keep doing it as you have, moving things and removing them, but the only real way to get it all clear and start fresh would be a "Hard Reset". However you would then have to back up everything (except apps as can't back up them) to another device or location (cloud account, google, computer, etc.) before doing it so you don't lose what you want. Alas, anything you can't back up would be gone. So apps would have to be reinstalled and started using from scratch.

Otherwise, there really is no way to get more space.
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