How can i get my speakers to work good?

Apr 2, 2018
Hello. I got two "Amitech" speaker from an old home theater system And DVD player. It have two cables. Red And Black (propably plus and minus) And My question is if i can buy some amplyfier or something to make the speakers work without the dvd player. Because the dvd player doesn't have AUX port. And if yes than Wich one to buy. The speakers are glued together So i can't open them. But from what i can cee from outside there is written: YG 4Ω 10W. I tried to solder them to amplyfier from old computer speakers. But it did sound really bad and I got no bass. So is that normal and are those speakers that bad? Or Will it get any better with better amplyfier? I am new to that thing so i don't know how it work.
You could buy an amp with 10 watts/channel into 4 ohms to drive them. will have some amps or boards you could use. You won't get any bass since they were meant to be used only with a subwoofer.
I would not waste my money trying to get them to work. They will never sound good anyway.
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