How can I have sidetone with in ear headphones and a standalone mic?


May 4, 2017
I need a mic to talk to friends when I am playing games, but I hate using over the ear headsets; for me, they are uncomfortable, they give me a headache, and they hurt my ears after a while. My problem is that over the ear headsets are the only way I know of to have a sidetone, I cannot use a headset without a sidetone. I would much rather use my earbuds/in-ear headphones.

My question is what do I need to be able to use in-ear headphones and still have a sidetone so I can hear myself? I tried to figure it out myself but I know absolutely nothing about this sort of thing. I don't really want to spend a lot on this, whatever is cheapest will be good enough for me.
three ways generally, depending on what kind of mic, etc.

use windows to do it. on your microphone in windows recording properties there should be a 'listen to this device' option to check. this will allow you to hear the mic as you speak. be aware that there could be a slight delay using this method. this way will work for any mic.

if it is an analog mic (3.5mm or xlr) you could use a type of audio interface to manage sidetone without delay. this will not work for usb mics.

some microphones have a built in headphone port for sidetone. an example would be the at2020usbplus (though i'm sure there are cheaper models that have a jack on them as well, its an example). using this you could listen to sidetone without delay.
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