how can i hook up my home cinima system to my tv so i can play sounds from the playstation and tv through it when i dont have


Oct 23, 2014
hi i have an lg flatscreen and it has only got audio in and no audio out.
im trying to wire up a home cinima system to it so that i can play consoles and my tv channels through it but am having great difficulty in doing so,both tv and home cinima have a hdmi input and i also run my console of hdmi,is there anyway i can get the most out of my system or on this occasion will i only be able to use my home cinima for dvds?


Feb 17, 2010
1. What exactly do you mean by a home cinema system?
2. What LG model TV?

In general (your model may be different which is why we need your model number) flat panel TV's will have audio/video input via HDMI, Composite and Component cables. It should have an audio output called S/PDIFor Optical Out. Here is an example of what one looks like.

Many newer ones will also have the ability to use a HDMI cable to output audio as well, called HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC). In theory you can use this to output to a speaker system/receiver but in practice I've found they have to be the same brand to work (Samsung TV with Samsung speakers would work, but a Pioneer TV with Samsung speakers would not work).

However without knowing what your cinema system is or your TV model is, its very hard to tell you how to get everything to work.