Question How can I properly integrate my PC and TV into one entertainment system?

Dec 7, 2020
I have a 7.1 system that I would like to use for both my TV and my PC. This means that I needed to position my TV above my monitor, which I did: I have a 4K 60htz TV mounted above my 1440p 144htz monitor. My PC is used for both gaming and work. My TV is used for my PS4, watching TV, and entertaining. In theory.

In the past, I used a receiver for my 7.1 system, and it worked well, although this was before I added a TV to the mix. My PC saw the receiver as another monitor, so it sent picture and audio to that via an HDMI cable, which was then output through my speakers. With my 4K TV, I had to upgrade to a new receiver, so I got a fresh Denon receiver with 4K passthrough. Ideally, I want to use my TV for general entertainment, but also to play PC games from my couch and view content stored on my HDD rather than on a streaming service. I also have a cool Wallpaper Engine background which would be cool to use when having people over. I would also like to be able to quickly switch sound over to my PC so that I can use my speakers for desk-use audio and gaming.

Right now, my system is setup as follows: My PC is connected to an input on my receiver via a high speed 4K capable DisplayPort to HDMI cable. I have my 29 inch Sony 4K TV connected to the ARC port on my receiver via a 4K capable HDMI cable. I have the 7.1 surround sound system connected to my receiver.

A few issues that come up with this setup which I cannot seem to solve:

My PC needs to be on for my TV to output sound to my speakers.

My TV needs to be on for my PC to output sound to my speakers. I must also either show on both screens or extend my display.

When I set my display to mirror on my TV or extend to my TV, it renders properly. My Wallpaper Engine background shows properly and everything, but I'm limited to my monitor's upper limit of 1440p. When I show on my TV only, I can go up to 4K resolution, but the image seems to be zoomed in a bit so that the borders are cut off, my wallpaper engine does not render properly, and my desktop icons are all over the place.

Also, sometimes when my TV and my PC are on, I still can't get my PC to register that a "second display" is connected, so it will not recognize there is a sound system to send audio to.

How should I be setting this up? What am I doing wrong here?
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