how can i record live from my toshiba camileo to my hp stream?


Jun 29, 2016
I hold my hands up - I made a big mistake in ignoring the reviews on here. I thought Toshiba is a well known brand so surely it was just bad luck that people had problems with it. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. I turned the camera on and it charged fine. The quality seemed OK - not great, and very slow frame rate at the highest HD resolution, but acceptable for the price. I didn't touch it for a week and then tried to turn it on the day before going on holiday...and nothing. It would not turn on. I tried recharging it, taking the battery and SDHC card out, and everything I could find on the internet, but nothing. I left it on charge and a tried a couple of hours later and it turned on...only to find that it again wouldn't turn on again the next morning. I honestly can't believe Toshiba are selling a product with such a fundamental and catastrophic flaw. I will learn my lesson and trust Amazon reviews in future. Seriously think twice about buying this - even if it works when you get it you'll constantly be worrying that it won't turn on at the time you actually want to use it. There are other video camera options out there - use them!
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