How can I reuse music player's speakers?

Jul 16, 2018
Hello, I have this Philips DVD mini HI-FI system FWD185.
You can find its specifications here

We bought it 8-9 years ago. The main system is not working. The buttons do not perform any function, its volume knob ain't working, it does not detect USB device. The radio is working somehow and the speakers are still working real fine.
I'd like to reuse the speakers, whether by connecting them to my LED tv or any other system.
Any ideas? Please help? What is the best way to reuse? Will reusing really help or should I sell it off to any scrap dealer?
You can't connect them directly to a TV. You could get a used AV receiver and connect that to the TV. and speaker You use them as stereo fronts for now and upgrade to better front speakers later then use them as surrounds. I doubt they will have much value if you try to sell them.
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