How can I switch speaker positions electronically?


May 12, 2013

I have a living room with a TV and a projector that are perpendicular to one another.
I have 4 Tannoy Mercury V1 speakers, currently wired to the TV's position. This means if I want to watch something on the projector then the positions are wrong (front left is front right, front right is rear right etc).

I have built a makeshift box to switch these ( I spliced RCA plugs into the speakers and run them through a box as below, switching from red to white for TV/projector). However, I would love to build a proper switchbox for them so I could flick a switch for each speaker to reroute its output source (ie the same as I've made but a switch instead of a phono plug swap).

Does anyone have any advice on how to do this? I'm a noob but not afraid to get my hands dirty.

Thanks in advance
Your speakers are connected with speaker wire so using RCA connectors is not the way to go. You can buy two of these
to select which channel powers which speaker,
An amp selector is different than a speaker selector because the grounds are isolated between the amps.
If you want to build a couple here is a DIY
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