Solved! How can you use 2 Bluetooth headphones on one tv


Nov 21, 2006
You'll likely need a dual link capable Bluetooth transmitter. Unless your TV supports that already. Which is not likely. I'd also get a unit which is long range and supports the latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard. For best range don't hide behind TV, glass, metal or other dense materials.

I'd note that while many of these have batteries. I'd leave them plugged in to power. If your TV does not have a USB port to provide power. You will need a USB wall outlet. Don't get a cheap one. Many of those budget ones don't meet any safety or fire standards. Now might be a good time for a decent surge protector if you don't have one. Both listed have USB power jacks. A standalone USB outlet is also listed if you don't need a surge strip.

You can also get longer USB, TOSLINK, RCA and 3.5mm cables off Amazon. They are pretty cheap.
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