How do I boot from disc when in the bios there is no cd rom option listed in boot order on a windows 8 asus laptop?


Dec 10, 2015
This is the picture of the bios and what it looks like except when I look on the page of my computer there is no boot devices listed except for the internal HDD .


If i try to add Cd rom it still does not work, please help! I am trying to boot from a puppy linux live disc , so that i could back up the data from a corrupted os for a friend, and then reinstall the os from discs [both of which I need use of the optical drive for]

I am pretty good with computers but it is beyond me as to why it is not listing any boot options for any other devices.[ its not listed anything besides internal hdd, no usb , no cd-rom, no lan] however under the boot order list there is a option to add boot device but at that point you have to name it and know the proper directory of it [PO: 2 etc}
I have tried to add a boot option which but every time i did it sticks with the name i named it but it lists default location directly as that of the HDD. and then sticks in boot loop

The optical disc does work and there has never been any issues with and it even shows up as a sata connection in uefi/bios

I disabled fast boot and secure boot and still no other boot options are listed

I even tried removing the hdd to see if it would give me other options and still nothing. . . .

ASUS'S ANSWER: Which unfortunately does address the missing boot options :(


Jul 18, 2017
tap the escape key on boot up to see boot options on an asus computer. then use w8 repair cd free I believe or see options to boot to cd.