How Do I Bring My Laptop out of Hibernation Mode

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just got a brand new toshiba laptop. Satellite L510 series. just made my user name and all that. when going to the shut down tab, it gives options sleep and hibernate. what is the difference? and i chose hibernate and the next time i opened the lid should i have pressed the on/off switch? because when i did it told me windows did not shut down properly???? why, i thought hibernate just started you up where you were and didn't shut anything down.


Try removing the battery and leaving the machine for a few hours. With the battery still removed press the power button. Then reconnect battery and charge fully. Hopefully when charged, computer will start okay.


Sleep and hibernate are not the same.

In Sleep mode (aka Stand-by), your machine will save it's current session (all the programs you currently have open and such) into your RAM and shut down the computer, keeping a trickle of current enabled to save your data in RAM. (RAM needs power to retain it's memory) Sleep mode is faster to shut down and start than hibernate, and uses no hard disk space, but it uses power/battery while in use (so you have to be careful not to leave your machine unplugged for an extended period). Use sleep mode when you'll be coming back to your computer in a short amount of time.

In Hibernate mode, your machine will save it's current session to your hard disk rather than memory. This way, while your machine is hibernating, it uses no power at all, and acts like a completely shut down machine. You can hibernate your machine indefinitely, since there is no power requirement. However, Hibernate mode will take away a portion of you hard disk (equal to the amount of RAM you have) to use for itself. Hibernate is also slower to start and shut down than sleep mode. Use hibernate when you'll be away from your machine for an extended period of time, and you want to save whatever you're working on at the moment.
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