How do I connect a 5.1 surround system to my pc ?

Iced Warr

Mar 8, 2017
Im trying to get a HT-J5150/EN Samsung Home Cinema, to work with my pc for gaming. The problem I have is that only the 2 front speakers work, the center, subwoofer and rear speakers don't work.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. :)

This is my motherboard:
The home cinema system:


that is a HTIB set (home theater in a box). often they are quite limited in what external connections they take and it is not uncommon for them to only accept stereo input. 5.1 is often only provided if you use the included dvd player. this is why i do not like recommending HTIB sets.

it looks like the back shows a stereo analog input and optical input. the stereo input will only ever be stereo. given your motherboards lack of optical i'm guessing this is what you tried.

as far as the optical input you would want to check your manual to see if 5.1 over optical is even supported (sometimes yes, sometimes no).

if it supports 5.1 over optical, it could be that your pc does not, unless you have a soundcard you did not tell us about. in some cases a soundcard with dts-c or ddl support will work IF your HTIB does in fact support 5.1 input over optical. if your HTIB does not support 5.1, optical will only ever be stereo.

if all inputs on the HTIB are stereo, you could likely fake surround with pro-logic (normally included on such HTIB units) but it really is not the same.

a rather unfortunate scenario? i agree. i blame manufacturers for being cheap and not including features in order to push their higher end models.


check if your HTIB has 5.1 input over optical support. if it does, a soundcard with ddl/dts-c support might work. if not, you're likely out of luck.

Iced Warr

Mar 8, 2017

I don't have a soundcard, didn't see the need for one when I made my PC 2 years ago.
It would seem I'm out of luck, thanks for the help. Ill just get a headset soon as I can.
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