How do I connect a Kenwood amp control model basic C12 an Onkyo Integra synthesized tuner 280 Kenwood equalizer GE 1100 to a P


Dec 30, 2017
Okay I have an old stereo with a new aunt I have a Kenwood stereo control amplifier model basic C12 and Auntie o Integra Court synthesized FM stereo tuner R1 a Kenwood graphic equalizer GE 1100 a pioneer PDF 1005 CD player but I have a Peavey IPR 3000 DSP amplifier how do I hook that all up


I can't find any documentation on an "Kenwood basic c12" I see C1 and C2 but no C12 ...

But assuming it is similar to the C1, you connect all the devices to the C12, the the outputs of the C12 go to the input of the EQ, the output of the EQ goes to the power amp.
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