How do i connect blu-ray player with HDMI output only to cable box with HDMI and HDTV with no HDMI connector?


Jul 27, 2014
I have a new blu-ray player with HDMI output only. Cable box has HDMI and RCA connectors. TV only has RCA connectors. Can I connect the blu-ray player through the cable box?


May 31, 2007
You wouldn't be able to do that because the cable box's HDMI is an output only. You would need a converter to use the bluray player or you would need to have the bluray player replaced with one that has RCA outputs.


Replace the TV, it it only has RCA connections it will be a horrible picture using a Bluray player. You can find a good used 32-40" HD TV for under about $200.

If your "RCA" connections are actually Component connections which can do HD, and the cable box has an HDMI INPUT (not just output), you can just route the player though the cable box.

If you don't have Component connections on the TV, replace the TV if you want to use it with a Bluray player.
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