How do i connect bm-700 mic to PS4 without mixer or phantom power


Dec 28, 2013
In a word no.

The problem with these cheap chinese mics is they are not very clear on there spec.
If it does require phantom power as most condensers do, then you will need it to get a usable signal.
Though why you would supply a 3.5mm cable with a mic that requires phantom power is beyond me because phantom power is delivered over XLR.

You would also probably find at least with a propper studio condenser that a normal internal sound card might not operate well enough at the right levels of gain to make use of the mic.

You can by a phantom power supply as a separate in-line unit, but I wouldn't say it's worth it to use this mic, you would be better off buying a headset designed to connect to PS4.

IF you are trying to do something special like a webcast or something then it's prob best to take a step back and talk about what you want to acheive.

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