How do I connect my logitech z506 speakers to my samsung tv I also have a dish network box and a xbox one s


Dec 31, 2016
my tv is a Samsung UN32J52O5AF I thought I could just connect to the RCA connectors from the tv the subwoofer but I get nothing does anyone have any suggestions , there is also a dish cable box and a new xbox one s system I am thinking thid cnt be to complicated but I have several different combinations and nothing gets the speakers working
I love Logitech {sarcasm}

They sell this thing as for TV Home Theater, and yet on their "Getting Started" they show you a big TV, but no instruction or a picture of how you connect it to a TV. A quick glance at the back of the connection box, I see only analog connectors, no digital connections, THAT right there tells you u never going to get surround out of your TV because surround in TV outputs with a digital signal. This Logitech is made to be hooked up to a PC, (Logitech is a PC-centric company, not known for audio) not really for a TV. With a TV all you can get is stereo, IF and this if big if, your TV has a headphone out jack.

But you may have other problems. U never mention, but do you have an AV receiver in the middle of all these. Because wo one, you will find more disappointments.
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