How do I connect my toshiba satellite P55W taht only has HDMI port to my projector


Mar 3, 2013
I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite P55W with a HDMI port. I am trying to connect to my projector EPSON WXGA and it doesn work. It doesnt work with HDMI-HDMI nor HDMI-VGA cable.
Did you get an HDMI-VGA cable, or an HDMI-DVI adapter?

One is just a cable with 2 different connectors on it and wont do anything for your situation.
The other actually has a circuit board to convert the digital HDMI signal to VGA. You also have to make sure it is going the right way. The common model is VGA->HDMI meaning allowing an old laptop or device to display on a TV, you are doing the slightly less common HDMI->VGA
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