how do i connect old surround system with no HDMI to TV with HDMI connection


Sep 17, 2015
have a old surround sound theater system with no HDMI hookup do not want to buy new system how do I make connection with my new TV without using HDMI connection
You don't need the HDMI connection to get sound to your HTS,
There are two options depending on your specific equipment.
1. If your TV has an audio output (usually optical audio) then connect that to your HTS. Set the TV to output surround sound (you might have to try any options offered as they are often not clearly labeled). If your TV only has analog audio output you could use that but you won't get digital surround sound.
2. Connect your sources to the TV with HDMI. Connect each sources audio out to the HTS. Not as convenient and you won't get sound from the TV tuner or "smart functions" since these come only from the TV.
Option 1 is best bet.
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