How do I connect Panasonic Veria TV - Model TC-P60U50, Panasonic Blu-Ray home Theater System Model SC-BTT196 and Dish Network


Jan 29, 2018
I am looking at all the owners manuals for these products and not being tech savvy at all, it is like a foreign language to me. I need someone to explain the simple version to connect all of these items together.

We have never been able to get the home theater system to work right, it sounds like you are in a tunnel all the time and is awful, but when I hook the Fire TV up to the theatre system, I don't get any sound.

I did go online to Dish Network and found that I can download the Dish anywhere app but if I don't use Wifi do I still need to have my hopper hooked up to something? I have ordered the Wifi adapter for Dish to attempt to get it thru wifi but I don't know if it will work as we live in a rural area and don't have high speed internet.

Any suggestions?
Connect the DISH box to the TV to HDMI 1. It connects to your satellite dish. Probably doesn't need an internet connection.
Connect the DVD/HTS to the TV to HDMI 2 for DVD playback on the TV.
Connect the TV optical audio output to the DVD/HTS optical audio input for getting sound from the TV to the HTS.
Check the TV manual on how to use and configure the optical output. You may need to turn it on and turn the TV speakers off to get it working. It should be set to Bitstream for surround sound.
Check the surround sound settings on the DVD/HTS You can find the manual online if you don't have it. Try the Dolby setting.
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