Solved! How do i connect Pioneer VSX 453 to ADC SS300 SL and a 160watt Kenwood Sub?

You can connect the EQ to the TAPE2 Monitor jacks. The REC output goes to the EQ input and the EQ output goes to the Play jacks. Press the Tape 2 monitor button in for the EQ to operate.
As for the subwoofer that receiver doesn't have a dedicated line level subwoofer output. If the sub has speaker level inputs connect it to the speaker B terminals and set the speaker selector to A+B. If the sub doesn't have speaker inputs you will need then you will need a speaker to line level converter to connect it.
Don't use the EQ to raise the bass. Do that with the control on the sub. Then use the EQ to reduce the parts of the bass that are too high so you get flat bass.
Now that I told you how to connect the EQ I will suggest that you don't if you use the receiver in more than 2.1 mode.
Any adjustments you make will apply to all the speakers. That means you can't adjust just the front speakers without causing problems in the center and rears. That's why newer surround receivers don't have a place to connect an EQ.
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