How do I connect respectively: tv with one hdmi port, bluray player w/hdmi port, and cable connection to one of them?


Nov 23, 2016
I'm not too tech savvy. I want to know if I use an HDMI switch, how do I connect a tv with one hdmi port, a blu ray with same requirement to be connected to tv, and the cable box to one of the three?
Does the switch connect to the cable box where the tv is currently connected via HDMI cable?

Can you tell me in exact fashion which cable goes on the OUT port of switch? And where all HDMI cables connect? Thank you so much!


Feb 22, 2006
"Output" port on the switch to the TV HDMI input port. The rest of the Inputs go straight into the "Input" ports on the switch. See pic below:

I'm not sure which setup you have, but the picture above has 5 total inputs (2 on the front and 3 on the back) with 1 Output port. You run your HDMI cable from the TV to the "Output" port on the switch above and all of your inputs go into the other ports.
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