How do I connect Toshiba 58L2300 to a Sony HT-RT3 sound bar.. the TV doesn't have hdmi Arc or digital optical cable, only stan

TV seems to have a connection labeled audio (fixed) which I think is a 3.5mm stereo audio output, You can connect that to the aux input on the soundbar. Just need a cable with 3,5mm stereo mini plugs at both ends. Check the TV manual in case you have to activate the output.
Are you sure the TV has not got a 'digital audio out' socket on the back, next to the 'PC in' (blue) socket?
The resources i have looked at suggest it does??
If you find it has, then an optical digital cable is all you need to connect up!



Jul 4, 2017

Nope dun think so.
Can I use Optical Toslink S/PDIF to 3.5mm jack converter instead ie connect the 3.5mm from the TV output to the sound bar optical input


Jul 21, 2017
americanaudiophile is right... 3.5mm mini jack cable on both side should work but i heard something from a consultant inside a shop specialised in audio. i'm not able to confirm but i heard it was better to use a RCA Audio cable (the old fashion left en right white/red connectors) on the output side (the TV) and then plugged on your 3.5 mini jack input on your 5.1 Sony.
i was in the same situation as you are, only i didn't have 5.1 but a 2.1 soundbar.
he told me that using the headphone output from the TV was not as good as the stereo audio output because something was already processed by the TV on the headphone output. not sure what he meant and if it's true... but i can imagine it's processed by the TV to deliver the sound on the headphone. anyway...based on what that guy told me... i would rather choose a RCA cable on one side and a 3.5 mini jack at the other side of your cable.
your post is from the beginning of july so i can imagine you already decided for a solution. please let us know what you did and if it works and how it sounds !
with that solution, you will sadly not get a surround effect but if it's for watching a normal chanel...i doubt they broadcast their audio in 5.1 anyway. if it's for watching movies on DVD or BR...that will be another will miss the 5.1 output, unless there is a way to plug your DVD or BR player right away into your Sony