Question how do i dL new apps into my 2012 samsung smart tv_?

May 24, 2021
Hello folks, I would appreciate it if you could share your expertise, wisdom, and generosity to help me out.
My old Smart TV has almost never been used as anything other than a larger screen to my laptop, it has unlike the new ones, a Smart Hub. When I get into Samsung Apps in the SmartHub, I find :
○ What's new
○ Video
○ Game &
○ Sports, Information, education, My account, and Help, and many pre-existing Apps.
I however don't have the search options for new apps. According to youtube videos, where there should be one; There is none!
When I go to tools on the control stick to find the default setting for apps, the tool button doesn't do anything. The same results occur on the 2 other universal remote controls. Couldn't find a solution on youtube, because every tv has a search option. The Tv has been Software Updated today. The current software version is 001021.
Samsung Smart TV
Model Code:UE55D8000
Software Version: T-GAP8DEUC-1021,2 , BT-G
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May 24, 2021
Ok, :unsure:thanks.
Can you suggest one that is compatible with the TV above? Don't wanna buy one, if it won't play nice with my infamous TV. Thanx for answering :)
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