How do I fix my Toshiba DVR 620 get blue screen?

May 29, 2019
On my previous Toshiba 620 DVR I was able to burn shows onto DVD. My Toshiba 620 was hooked up to my Samsung TV screen with an HDMI cable. And then My Toshiba 620 was connected to my Tivo machine with RCA cables ( or the red, white and yellow cables).
However that Toshiba 620 DVR was breaking down so I bought a new Toshiba 620 DVR and made sure it was hooked up to my Samsung TV screen monitor the same way as my old Toshiba 620 DVR was hooked up.
My new Toshiba 620 DVR plays DVDs just fine but when I want to use the TV so I can record shows on to DVD, I only get a blue screen. So I cannot burn shows playing on my Samsung TV monitor onto DVD.
Also when I hook up my HDMI cable from my Samsung TV screen straight to my Tivo box I can watch TV with no problems.
So can someone please tell me why I am I getting a blue screen when I want to play something on my TV?
I have read that HDMI cables have memory and is it possible that my HDMI cable is confused and thinks my TV is talking to my old Toshiba 620 and thus getting confused and giving me a blue screen instead of a TV picture? So is there anyway I can erase my HDMI cable memory? Or do I just need to buy an HDMI cable?

Or can some one please tell me why I am getting a blue screen with my new Toshiba 620 DVR and what I can do about it?