Question How do I fix the Buzzing sound being produced by my microphone?

Aug 8, 2020
Hi, I recently moved, and after setting up my pc, my condenser mic has been producing a very loud buzzing sound that is sometimes constant and sometimes rhythmic. I am at a complete loss as to how to fix this. My set up is as follows: Condenser mic is connected via xlr cable to a phantom PSU, then from the xlr to the microphone jack in the back of the pc.

Things I've tried:

  • Connecting the mic system to the mic jack on the front panel
  • Replacing the xlr cables
  • trying another condenser mic
  • using a different phantom psu
  • ensuring all of the power cords are plugged into the same power strip
  • using an extension cable to plug the power strip into a different circuit that has proved to work previously
  • getting a cheap external sound adapter that plugs into a usb port and using that jack
  • reinstalling audio drivers
I used a seperate mic system that is just a mic that plugs into a mic jack, the buzzing is replaced by very loud white noise that follows the same pattern as the buzzing. I have a pair of bluetooth earbuds that have a mic that i have been using at the moment, which work well enough, but is not practical for my job due to battery length. I also tried my mic system on my brother's pc and it works fine there.

Here are the specs of what I used: