Question how do i get rid of that window on ebay that you click on and it blow up inside the frame


Aug 20, 2016
ok the title is not real good but this is my issue. i have 3 pcs and 2 have win10 and one has win11. when i go to ebay and click on a listing and you see the item in the photo on the left side and the seller info and such on the right side, and if you put the mouse over the photo and hover it blows up the photo ove on the right side. and if you click on the photo it opens a new window.

well on one of my pcs that has win10 on it all of a sudden i now when i hover over the photo it does not blow it up on the right side, but if i click on the photo it gets larger inside of the frame and then as you move the mouse the photo moves around.

doe anyone know how to get that gone? i asked ebay and there community seem to think it is the sellers setting there listings up this way, but if that was so then i should see it on all the pcs. it has to be a setting on that pc i even restored the pc back to about a month ago that was way before this started. and i reset the cookies back to 4 months ago and that did not help and win10 has no clue. so maybe someone here has a clue what is going on? i can uninstall chrome but i do not think it is chrome. i can do a complete restore to window on that pc but that is a ton of work for a setting i mah have checked someplace on that pc i too 2 pcs one that does this and one that does not and set them side by side and went into ebay settings and all the setting are the same. i even logged out of ebay on both and logged back and i still had the same issue on that pc.

anyone have a clue what is going on? thanks

i tired to insert photos of this and it is not working