how do i go past the post screen.every time i press f2 my laptop just says entering setup,n gets stuck


Jun 19, 2007
So you can't even get into BIOS? I believe you may need to press the Fn+F2 key (i.e. hold Fn and spam F2) on boot up. Then that should get you in the BIOS. Usually when Windows gets stuck at "entering setup" the SATA controller is set at IDE when it should be AHCI. Maybe your CMOS got reset somehow, and you will need to go into BIOS and change that.


Sep 4, 2016
Yes i have the same problem with a dell laptop: You F2 button is stuck it may be a common fault as I need to mash my f2 without Function button and it will eventually load just keep turning it on and off. Eventually you will see the windows logo. Is this Windows 10?
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