Solved! How do I hook up a frisby surround sound to a Samsung smart tv

Nov 14, 2018
I ha e a Samsung smart tv only has 5 jacks my frisby surround sound has 6 and the directions ain't really telling me anything on how to connect it to my tv mainly to other devices like computers phones etc...
A TV with 5 jacks suggests Analog INPUT. To get audio out of it, you need OUTPUT. And surround system having 6 jacks suggest DISCRETE analog channels which is a big problem because TVs don't output discrete analog signals unless for STEREO only. TVs output surrounds (multi-channels) as digital, often via Toslink. So right now you have a hundred piece puzzle and haven't even start it.

Post pic of the back of TV and sound system, and/or specify make/models and see if folks here have enough patience to look things up for you.
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