How do I install and split a program with dual drives


May 18, 2011
Hello, first thanks guys for all of the information I have been able to find on this site for so many years. :bounce:

Here is my question, my M6400 has dual sata 160 drives. I want to add a SSD and a 500gb to a 1tb 2nd hard drive, I already purchased a new Samsung 830 series SSD 120gb as a primary drive. Anybody have any thoughts on the best way to load software on this laptop, I am not happy with windows 8... I will be using Windows 7 as my OS so my thoughts are to load the OS as well as Office 2010 and all of my main programs on my ssd, but leave all of the data on the secondary drive. So how do I load these programs and split the program so that all of the data part is on my 2nd drive.

I am a retired person with plenty of time but on a fixed budget.
I do enjoy playing with my computer toys to keep busy as I sit in Chicago choosing to work on my laptop vs. going out of my apartment and freezing my butt off in the sub zero temperature with the wind chill added in...

This laptop has no real specialized use for me other than my daily web browsing as my desktop replacement... So here I am rebuilding and upgrading my Dell Precision M6400 to a M6500.... I was able to purchase a brand new M6500 motherboard and lower case for a great price $84.00 Shipped, i already have a Intel i7 820QM in my inventory of extra parts and I have purchased a new i7 heat-sink for a M6500. I amusing my M6400 for all of my donor parts. I also already have a new dell nvida FX3800 video card I purchased to use in my M6400 that also is the choice video card for the M6500...

The M6500 motherboard has some great additional items that will improve the laptop for my every day uses, including a 3.0 USB, HDMI and of course going from a Dual Core to a i7, I want to eventually go to an extreme CPU...

Any and all suggestions will br greatly appreciated... Thanks ahead!!


May 18, 2011

Thank you, I have a bit of reading to do now,... this just might be what I was looking for....
I'll let you know how this worked out... :hello:
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