How do I install speakers + sub to my Xonar STX?


Jan 31, 2014
I recently sold my HD598 due to cosmetic issues which my OCD didn't like.

Well, I decided to get speakers as sometimes I would like to walk around freely without anything attached to me. I decided to purchase some speakers, a subwoofer, and an amplifier to power my speakers.

My issue is....,

I'm not entirely sure how I can hook up my sub to my PC as I would like to utilize the built in dac with my Xonar STX.

Normally I would do this...,

Speakers > amp > sound card

But where does the sub fit in? I'm assuming I would need some sort of adapter like a piggyback RCA cable.

Here's what I'm using:

Sound Card
either a 3.5mm stereo male to 3.5mm stereo male from soundcard headphone jack to mp3 input jack on amplifier or a 3.5mm to rca red+white. take your pick.

one 3.5mm stereo male to rca red+white to subwoofer. from center/sub jack to subwoofer rear. see note below.

one of the rca will be center channel the other will be the sub. you need to figure out which one. i would plug one in and then test speakers in sound panel then try the other if the sub doesnt fire when you see the sub light up on screen. should be easy to tell if you have the sub or center one plugged in (you will only be using one of those cables). depending on how th subwoofer is set up you may or may not want a rca splitter cable to take that single rca and split it to the left/right connections on the sub. normally its perfectly fine just to use the one side (check but i think its the left one you would use).

the subwoofer has a plug and is self powered. no need for an amplifier for it. connection is direct soundcard->sub

the speakers are not so require your amp. connection is soundcard->amp->speakers
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